The home of the artist blacksmith, Hunter Perkinson About Hunter and how he came to be involved in the blacksmith industry. Visit the Forge, where all the custom iron work is created. The Gallery gives you a wide range of the work that can be ordered. Blacksmith related links for fun and education.


Hunter Perkinson believes that art should imitate life.
And now you know what happens when art meets use.

Hunter creates his designs and objects of art himself, most of his inspiration comes from the nature he is surrounded with, living on the shores of Lake Anna, Virginia.

You can see his work at Artful Dimensions and Liberty Town workshops.


916 Liberty St.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
540 854-5414

Blacksmith Classes will be available to the public, call for dates, times, and locations for the next class.

Artful Dimensions
911 Charles Street #7
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

I'm usually at Artful Dimensions the first friday of each month, in the evenings from 6 - 9 PM. Stop by I would love to meet you.

His fabrication of creating the look and feel of the wrought iron work is done in his on-site forge. Hunter has been commissioned to create many decorative pieces for the homes across Virginia. His sculptures and architectural elements can be found in some of the most upscale homes in Virginia.

His combination of architectural and artistic blacksmithing skills has produced some of the most beautiful and useful pieces to adorn a home. When you are ready for quality iron work to adorn your home or estate, Hunter is able to sell you his work that has already been pre-made or design special pieces just for your decor.

Furniture done in wrought iron, to gates, fences to accent the beauty of any home is only a phone call away. Art can be special ordered to fit your taste. Specialty pieces that will accent your homes decor bringing the beauty of wrought iron into every corner of your home.


Architecture done in wrought iron.
Art done with many mediums, including iron.
Wrought Iron Home Accents and Accessories.
Decor done with wrought iron.
Wrought iron used for fences, signs and other outdoor decorations.



To contact Featherstone Forge
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