The home of the artist blacksmith, Hunter Perkinson About Hunter and how he came to be involved in the blacksmith industry. Visit the Forge, where all the custom iron work is created. The Gallery gives you a wide range of the work that can be ordered. Blacksmith related links for fun and education.



  • B.S. in Industrial Arts Education from Viginia Tech 1980
  • Introductory course in Blacksmithing from Frank Turley at Bear Mountain Outdoor School 1990
  • Received scholarship from Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild 1999
  • Obtained certificate of achievement in Blacksmithing (colional hardware) from John C. Campell Folk School  2000
  • Won Spotsylvania County design contest for Spotswood award 2002


  • Member of the Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild          
  • Member of Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America
  • Member of the Blacksmith Guild of VirginiaForge:             
  • Featherstone Forge officially hung its shingle in 2000
  • Use both traditional and modern blacksmithing techniques and equipment

Artist Style:     

  • I consider my style “naturalist” for lack of a better word. I enjoy incorporating elements of nature into my work. Nature is the product of the Master Creator and my  meager attempt the imitate nature is as they say “the highest form of flattery”. To do so using a unyielding material like mild steel or iron adds an extra dimension and drama.
Architecture done in wrought iron.
Art done with many mediums, including iron.
Wrought Iron Home Accents and Accessories.
Decor done with wrought iron.
Wrought iron used for fences, signs and other outdoor decorations.



To contact Featherstone Forge
15102 Plentiful Ln.
Mineral, VA 23117

(540) 854-5414

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