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The Forge by definition can be a place, device, process and or “to work one’s way”; for Featherstone Forge it is all these things and more.

The Place: Featherstone Forge is located on the banks of Lake Anna in Spotsylvania County on a Plentiful Farm circa 1809. Although growing up on the Farm as a young teenager, it wasn’t until the year 2000 that Hunter hung out his shingle and started practicing the art of blacksmithing. In this rural setting, influenced by nature, where all the elements come together; earth, water and fire Hunter forges his creations.

The Device: The forge is a furnace use to heat iron and or steel thereby making it yield to the hammer and anvil. Featherstone Forge has several forges and uses them all depending on the job. Three different coal fired forges are at his disposal. A three burner gas propane forge is the primary source of heat for most applications. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, again depending on the job, application, and process to perform.

The Process: Forging is the process whereby the iron or steel is heated to a semi-molted state which allows the metal to be moved by the hammer while being backed up by the anvil. Although it was the historical aspect of the blacksmith that sparked Hunter to pursue the craft, it was the process of forging that keeps in the fire. Forging is a traditional blacksmithing process that one is only limited by ones’ imagination.

Hunter uses traditional blacksmithing processes and techniques combine with modern tools and methods to create functional art for the home and business with a unique flare. He considers his artistic style as “naturalist” for lack of a better word. He enjoys incorporating elements of nature into his work in an attempt to imitate the Master Creator. To do so using such an unyielding material like steel or iron adds an extra dimension.





Architecture done in wrought iron.
Art done with many mediums, including iron.
Wrought Iron Home Accents and Accessories.
Decor done with wrought iron.
Wrought iron used for fences, signs and other outdoor decorations.



To contact Featherstone Forge
15102 Plentiful Ln.
Mineral, VA 23117

(540) 854-5414

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