The home of the artist blacksmith, Hunter Perkinson About Hunter and how he came to be involved in the blacksmith industry. Visit the Forge, where all the custom iron work is created. The Gallery gives you a wide range of the work that can be ordered. Blacksmith related links for fun and education.



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When you are looking for iron work that isn't just stamped out of a factory, for a one of kind piece to compliment your home decor or your home's construction, Featherstone Forge will be the company that can bring you the quality your home deserves.

It's all about paying attention to details. Featherstone Forge creates each piece with care and creativity.  Since nature is Hunter's inspiration, you will find his work bringing nature in and around your home with an artful touch to make a piece you will own forever.

Architecture done in wrought iron.
Art done with many mediums, including iron.
Wrought Iron Home Accents and Accessories.
Decor done with wrought iron.
Wrought iron used for fences, signs and other outdoor decorations.



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(540) 854-5414

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